Monday, 9 March 2015

Hex Picks: TV Shows with Amnesia

Our month of TV picks continues. Like last week, we all chose shows that used a similar plot device - this week it was memory-loss.

This is something that always hits quite close to home for me, and I used this as a chance to write myself some therapy! The specific device I've written about is something that genuinely upsets and disturbs me whenever it appears, yet it's also one of my favourite things on TV. To find out what it is, and which programme it's from, click the... um... click... errrm...

...what was I saying?

Bam, said the lady.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Hex Picks: TV Shows with Parallel Universes

We're trying something a little different with Hex Picks this March. Instead of our usual cycle of books, films, games and comics, we're giving the spotlight to TV programmes. Specifically programmes that all feature a specific plot or device. I'm not sure exactly how much mileage there is in this approach but, hey, we're gonna give it our best shot.

This week's common thread (because I honestly hate the word "trope") is shows that cross over into a parallel universe. We've got examples where that's a central element of the series' plot, to examples where it's basically a gag. Click below to check 'em out!

Bam, said the lady.