Monday, 25 May 2015

Trailer Park: Pixels and Piracy

I like weeks like this one, where there's a strange mix of all different types of film trailers. There's fantasy and sci-fi and horror and comedy and even a biopic, of all things. Some of it looks great - some of it looks bloody terrible. There's something for everyone!

Click on the giant glowing Pac-Man to take a look at our eclectic picks.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Trailer Park: The DC TV Puppetry Jamboree

After breaking one of my unspoken personal rules for The Trailer Park last week (no offensive content), I've gone and broken another one today. I had planned to restrict myself to only one TV trailer per week, and even then only if there weren't enough films. But there were so many good TV promos last week, and so few decent film ones, that I've gone back on that rule too.

Despite this, it's actually a really strong week overall. All five trailers are pretty great, and I absolutely love more than half of them. This feature may have morphed slightly away from how I originally envisiged it, but maybe that's a good thing! You can decide for yourself by hitting the link below.

Is it a bird?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hex Picks: Apocalyptic Films

At the end of last week, we in the UK learned that we now have a Conservative majority government.

On a completely unrelated note, our theme this month is the end of the world. Click below to check out our movie choices!

Ooh, what kind of pies?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Trailer Park: NSFW

One of my self-imposed unspoken rules when I started The Trailer Park was that it would only include trailers with no age-rating or restrictions. Stuff that anyone could watch, and no-one could find offensive. And it lasted... exactly three weeks.

It's not my fault, I swear! It's just that almost every damn trailer this week was redband or, at the very least, a little bit racy. Even the trailers I left out this week were for a bunch of gore-filled horror films! So, backed into a corner, here's a collection of the week's mostly filthy, mostly naked trailers. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hex Picks: Apocalyptic Books

May is here, and that means a new theme for Hex Dimension's weekly recommendations. This month we're going big, as we focus on books where the world gets destroyed!

That sounds like it could get pretty dark, for obvious reasons, but I think our picks this week actually show that there's another way, and that humour and joy can be found in anything - even annihilation. Or possibly it just shows that my brother and I are kinda sadistic. Either way, you can decide for yourself by clicking the pic below.

Kids books again?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Trailer Park: What a Lovely Kray!

Ah well, there were always going to be weeks like this. It's not a bad week - I like the trailers that came out - there just weren't enough of them. There's only four of them here, and one of those is for a TV series rather than a film! Still, there's some good stuff in the list, and a very generous helping of Tom Hardy. It may not be the best of weeks, but it's a lovely day.

Click below for our collection of the week's best trailers.