Sunday, 3 February 2013


So, February marks one month since I randomly decided to use my barren, empty blog as, y'know, a blog. Not sure why it's turned into a movie blog, exactly, but there you go.

Sadly, February also marks the date my fiancée and I move into our new house (note: house, not flat). Being fairly useless people, we've failed to make any arrangements for phonelines or internet to be installed, so it's unlikely I'll be updating much in the next few weeks. I'm actually posting this with the Blogger app for Android!
I'll try my best to, if nothing else, review Wreck-It Ralph which (FINA-bloody-LLY) comes out in a week's time (almost half a year after the States) - but no promises!

When our internet is set up, I shall return; more powerful than you can possibly imagine. By which I mean there will be more reviews, more weird essay-things, more pictures of wrestlers, at least one Dudey Joe update (at least!) and the start of a new blog-series I'm tentatively calling "Mangaphobia".
Exciting times, I'm sure you'll agree! All that and more, after a brief hiatus; whatever that means.

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