Friday, 22 March 2013

Dudey Joe 3 - 02: A Hero Will Rise

You may vaguely recall a promise, in early February, of an update on the status of Dudey Joe 3. It's fine if you don't remember, though, because neither did I.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, production on the short is still happening. It's just a lot slower than expected.
Animating in Flash was a lot easier back when I didn't really know how to animate. Now that I do, I'm building this thing frame-by-frame in a program not remotely designed for frame-by-frame. It's excruciating, to be honest - but I've started it like this and I intend to finish it the same way!

To prove that the project does still exist - and to prove that Joe Eckson is actually in it - here is the first official still from Dudey Joe 3.

What's that in his hand? Is he pulling a lever? Or is this a "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" moment with a staff? These, I'm sure, are the burning questions that will plague websites the world over until the film's eventual release.

As for when that release will be, I can't be certain. Production is about two-thirds complete, most of the character animation is done, and it's coming together nicely. It will hopefully be finished by early summer, but it's too soon to call that official.
Judging by how long it's been since the last update I'm not sure even I believe that!

In other news, you may recall another promise, from the same post, regarding something called "Mangaphobia". Unlike the update you're reading now, Mangaphobia is a promise I have not forgotten about, and should be gracing this very blog quite soon.

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