Thursday, 29 August 2013

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It has been a loooong time since I last rolled a d20.
Ok that's not strictly true, since my siblings and I occasionally run quick games together; but it’s been many years since I was involved in anything that could be called a real campaign.

Last week, that changed. Some friends have begun a fortnightly Pathfinder quest, and it's already been great fun - in just the first session, our druid threw his wolf at a robber. He threw his wolf. You can play Skyrim until the end of time, but you’ll still never get to fling a vicious canine at a guy flailing around on buttery stairs. I’d almost forgotten how freeing and inventive tabletop games can be, and I’d almost forgotten how great that is.
If you want to get a taste for yourself how great it can be (and also how badly the rulebooks are written) then our GM - the multi-talented omni-geek Emily King - is chronicling our adventures for all to enjoy. The Roleplay Diaries are just one small part of the collaborative Hex Dimension website, so take a look at some of their other nerdery while you’re there. Unlike my stuff, their articles are both insightful and quick to the point!

Coincidentally, while we’re on the subject of tabletop gaming, another friend has recently started playing Magic: The Gathering, and he’s also started a blog to follow his progress. Magic’s something I have dipped my toes into but, along with Warhammer and the Pok√©mon card-game, I’ve discovered I’m simply way too cheap to keep buying booster-packs and cards to keep up with the competition. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the mechanics of the game from the sidelines, and Tap for Awesome is a good place to do it! It can be a monstrously complicated game, but Mark clearly lays it out so it’s not that hard to follow - give it a look if you’ve ever been interested. He’s threatening some comics-related posts in the future, too, so I look forward to those.

I hope that’s given people some new and interesting content to chew on. As for the content here at NerdTech, we're seeing Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 follow-up Elysium this weekend. Look out for that review soon, and yet more Evangelion shortly after. Until then, may you all throw natural 20s.
Failing that, throw a wolf.

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