Monday, 30 September 2013

Fearful Synergy

A couple of times now I've posted some recommendations. Blogs from people I know that I think are worth checking out. The first time was a plug for my brother David's blog, Hu's Reviews, and the second time I linked to, among other things, Hex Dimension, a collaborative geek site that features the Pathfinder campaign I'm involved in.

This week, something terrifying happened. Those two entities became one.

I don't know what demonic forces conspired to cause this. No doubt there were blood-rituals in the name of some eldritch god, or a great Crisis of colliding worlds. Rivers of blood, dogs lying with cats; you know the drill.
Whatever happened, one thing is clear: David is now writing for Hex Dimension.

I only found this out when their latest post had my brother's name on it for some reason. He hadn't mentioned it beforehand, and neither had they. I didn't even know they'd been in contact, so it came entirely out of nowhere! At least, it seemed to - but I'm not so sure. The whole thing reeks of conspiracy and deceit. Who knows how long they've been secretly plotting together, waiting for the right moment to strike?

The article in question, by the way, is a look at the evolution of the Dragon Age game series - from gritty RPG to psychedelic Hack'n'Slash and potentially back again - and it's well worth your time, despite the unholy union it represents. It sounds like he may become a regular writer over there, so consider this a megaplug: now you can follow Hex Dimension and my brother at the same time!

If this is my last post to this blog, know that it is because my brother and my Dungeon Master have combined forces, and that they were simply too powerful. We never stood a chance against this hybrid monstrosity.
Although he has clearly doomed us all, I bear David no ill will. I wish him the best of luck in his new gig - I just wish he'd told me about it!

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