Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hex Demented

So, it finally happened. After managing to write a couple of normal, reasoned pieces for the Hex Dimension, I've slipped back into my old ways and written a couple of preposterous rambling essays too. It barely took a month!

The first of these is a review of Sanctum 2 - but it's also a comment on the Wii-U and asymmetric gaming - but it's also a treatise on gaming as an aspect of marriage! It sounds pretty stupid and it probably is, but it's still less rediculous than my second piece, which is a review of a film that doesn't even exist. It's basically Spider-Man fan-fiction. You should read it!

In slightly less demented news, we're continuing our weekly recommendations. Here's some of our favourite comics and books and, if you want to see me completely embarass myself, you can also read my defense of Michael Bay in this week's action movie picks.

Thats it I'm afraid. Just realised this is the first post in a month. I'll try to be more thorough from now on and link to every Hex piece when it goes up, rather than three weeks later. Next up is a piece on Agents of SHIELD and, as always, you can subscribe for more.

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