Monday, 27 April 2015

Trailer Park: Jur4ssicland

Nothing was going to live up to last week's one-two punch of Star Wars and Bat Soup, but I'm actually surprised at what a nice collection of different-feeling trailers we managed to fit into the second episode of The Trailer Park. There's a horror, a traditional mystery, a not-so-traditional mystery, a fun blockbuster, and a sombre, deadly serious blockbuster - there's actually more variety here than last week, which is cool. Hopefully people like it.

There's some slightly different stuff going on - I've messed a little with the layout, and the Trailer of the Week feature is actually visible now - but mostly I feel like the format is working, and five trailers feels like the right amount. I'd love some feedback, though, so please let me know how you feel about all this.
As always, you can check out the second Trailer Park by clicking below!


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