Friday, 13 January 2012

Nerd Technologies in 2012

Hello, potential reader!

Welcome to the Nerd Technologies official blog - a blog with barely anything to do with Nerds and even less to do with Technology.
No, this is actually the news blog for, a fledgling animation and design company. I say company - it's actually just me, a freelancer, but "company" sounds better and goes some way towards explaining the stupid name.

With that bait-and-switch out of the way, this is (hopefully) a big year for me. A lot's happening already and I hope I can build on it:

  • I have a fabulous new-look website.
  • I've started this blog.
  • I just joined Twitter (for business purposes, of course).
  • I'm about to start a big new contract.
  • I'm finally moving out of my parents' house!
  • And hopefully, at some point over the next few months, I'll be able to tell you that Nerd Technologies has become an actual limited company.

The blog (which also has a feed on the website) will be a place where I can keep the world up to date on the progress of these, and other, projects.
I can't promise that there won't also be posts about other things - this is a blog after all - but hopefully most of them will be animation or design related. Who knows, there may even be some about Nerds or Technologies!

So that's my mission statement. Hopefully there will be fairly regular updates, and this won't degenerate into an emo-diary like my last attempt at a blog...

Onwards to 2012!

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