Friday, 28 June 2013

A Different Superman Film

I was planning to post a link to this anyway, just to counteract all the recent Superman negativity on this blog, but I've just watched it again, and it's actually more relevant than ever in the wake of Man of Steel.

The "this" I'm talking about is Max Landis' demented seventeen-minute retelling of The Death and Return of Superman. It may seem like a weird antidote to my Superman complaints, because it's basically quarter of an hour of Landis (writer of Chronicle; son of John) complaining about Superman, but it's not really that at all - it's just pointing out how dumb comics actually are. Not Superman, not DC, just comics in general. They are all like this and, much as we may complain, it's a big part of why we love them.

What makes it even funnier, post-Man of Steel, is how much applies to what that film did. The Doomsday fight, for instance - "Punch face; lets see who goes harder until one of us passes out!" - perfectly sums up all the fights in Snyder's movie.
When Lois Lane asks the villain if he's Clark Kent, and the exasperated response is, "I just killed thirty-thousand people!" I actually burst out laughing. In Man of Steel, that death-count could absolutely still apply to Clark!
Also, just hearing The Death of Superman recounted brings back memories of Kevin Smith's horrible script for Burton's Superman Lives. Despite all the problems Man of Steel has, it could have been a lot worse.

You may not like the film, of course. It is very sweary (I advise my prudish brother JJ to skip it) and Landis is maybe a little smug and annoying (intentionally, and no worse than anyone else on the internet) but, if you can get past that, it's a great little celebration of the beautiful stupidity of superheroes.

Click here for The Death and Return of Superman. It's educational!

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