Monday, 10 June 2013

Brotherly Plug

I’ve mentioned my brother David a few times here - I’ve even linked to his blog, Hu’s Reviews, a few times - but I’ve never actually given him a full-on shout-out before. And he deserves a shout-out because, unlike me, he’s actually a qualified writer and knows what he’s talking about!
He just updated said blog with four new pieces but, since he’s too modest to advertise them himself, it falls to his girlfriend (who has a really interesting book-binding blog - yes folks, that was a plug within a plug) and me to advertise them for him.

The blog focuses on reviews, kinda like mine, but David started his first (making me the evil copycat, even though he has the beard) and his interests are more varied and adventurous than mine. I’m at home reviewing film and TV, and at a push I can maybe handle games, but David easily tackles all of those plus music and literature.
I’ve come to realise that I’m not very musical (my thoughts on music are usually no deeper than “I like it”, “I don’t like it”, and “are you sure this is music?”) so while his prog-rock pieces are always interesting and wonderfully enthusiastic, it’s the literary stuff I really like and really want to recommend. I wouldn’t know where to start reviewing a book, but he can break a novel down and see how it ticks in a way that makes me intensely jealous. He's not done many, but his review of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, in particular, captures everything I felt about that frankly amazing book but couldn’t even begin to articulate.
My only complaints are that he doesn’t update often enough (though four posts in the last week go some way towards fixing that) and that, so far, he’s only focused on stuff he’s really liked. I’m all for positivity, but it would be nice to see him let loose and tear into something crappy - I know I enjoy doing it! Maybe I’ll talk him into reading Eragon...

Clearly I’m biased as hell, but I really do recommend checking out David’s blog and seeing for yourself. Give the guy enough traffic and maybe he’ll even get round to covering Game of Thrones!

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